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Private Facebook Group

You will be part of an elite group of like minded dog owners. Our Facebook group is private and confidential. The more you interact, get to know your peers and participate in checking in, asking/answering questions, the more growth you can expect during your time with us. Although participation isn't mandatory, please be aware that much of our communication, updates etc. do occur in there.

Phone Coaching Sessions
Our current clients get priority on return phone calls over other inquiries. We are always a phone call away for any question on your homework or emergencies involving your canine companion.

Private Coaching Sessions
Unlimited Private Sessions! You will receive a special code unique to you. You will use this code online when scheduling, canceling or rescheduling sessions. As long as you are Enrolled in our monthly program you will receive a new code every month with additional sessions added! (unused sessions do not carry over to the following month)

3 Day Dog Friendly Retreats
(Out of Town Adventures, Wine Tasting, Whale watching, Pack Walks, Clinics and more!)

Every naughty dog’s deserves a reward for changing their behavior, and every dog owner deserves to show off all their hard work! We love our clients and in many cases they soon develop into friendships (many like family). As behaviorist we work hard repairing relationships with dogs and their owners. 1-2 times a year our team of dog behavior coaches take a much needed 3 day retreat. If you have been invited to come with us, than you are not just a client anymore, as space is usually limited, Your trainer chose to spend their time with you on this retreat.

Note: If you enrolled in the Naughty Dog Program All expenses other than transportation are covered including food, lodging, entertainment and beverages. If you are on our Grumpy Dog Monthly Program please express to your behaviorist your desire to attend. As many times our behaviorist reward their hardworking clients by sponsoring a dog and owner to attend.

Weekly Online Live Q/A And Tips
Every Tuesday at 6pm Our private Facebook has a Live Q/A feed. Don't forget to tune in to watch your favorite behaviorist cover suggested subjects from our client comments.

-Basic Foundation ​(90 Minute Online Video)
This video was part of a 3 day course on basic dog psychology given by Tony Nila at Shasta College and is the foundation of our philosophy.
You will receive a link to  access this video once you are enrolled.

Online Classroom and Programs (Beta Version When Available)
You’ll have access to THREE courses throughout your year. You’ll receive a login granting access to our current program. Online courses are provided for you to work through at your own pace. You’re expected to watch the lessons and participate in homework when included in the particular lesson. We find you’ll have more success if you do the coursework first, then follow up with your instructor to cover any questions you may have and/or help with personal strategy.

Note: Online Course is not available at this time, but will be offered soon.

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